If you are on Facebook, you must have heard that Facebook is going to be hacked on 5th November, which is today. Though you maybe disappointed happy that it isn't going to be hacked. Turns out, all posts telling about the hack, and the video by anonops was a fake. Facebook isn't going to be hacked. Proof you say?

Brace for it! Facebook's gonna die!

Backup all your data, and come to Google Plus! It's the end of Facebook!

You may have read the spam, That Carmen Winstead was Pushed Down a Sewer By 5 Girls. It is all a hoax, and a lie. Want Proof? Read Further... 


If you have seen Create-n, you would have known that I have two logos- One is the Horizontal One, and one is Square. 

You must be wondering why Do I use a Square logo. 

Having a Square logo is absolutely essential for any brand, Site, Blog etc.
The advantages are (in no particular order) -

You must have seen the latest spam spreading around : The spam that says that you passed from Facebook University-
Facebook Unidegree Spam
How The Spam Looks Like-
The spam looks like a cheaply made certificate. It says